Form No. 49AA. Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number. [ Individuals (In case no option is provided then PAN card will be issued with father's name) .. Copy of Non-resident External (NRE) bank account statement in. India. Form No. 49AA. Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number 2 Abbreviation of the above name, as you would like it, to be printed on the PAN card. I/We hereby request that a permanent account number be allotted to me/us. I/We give of the above name, as you would like It, to be printed on the PAN card.

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    Nri Pan Card Application Form 49aa Pdf

    Mandatory, except where mother is a single parent and PAN is applied by furnishing the father or mother which you may like to be printed on PAN card ( select one only) Whether mother is a single parent and you wish to apply for PAN by. clarity of image on PAN card will depend on the quality and clarity of h) At the time of applying for PAN, the applicant has to submit Proof of Identity (POI) . of Non-resident External (NRE) bank account statement in India Or g> Copy of. Form No. 49AA Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number Pan Card Application Form 49aa Free Download Excelis not the form you're looking.

    Updated: Feb 15, , A PAN is mandatory for every person who is required to file a return, and for those who wish to carry out a financial transaction for which the quoting of PAN is compulsory. The procedure to obtain a PAN is fairly simple and similar across all categories of individuals. On submitting the form, an acknow ledgement copy with a 15 digit number is generated, which needs to be sent to the designated address along with other documents. Fees If the communication address provided by the NRI is within India, the fees are Rs , and if it is outside India, the fee is Rs , which includes application fees and dispatch charges. Documents Two photographs must be pasted in the space provided in the acknowledgment form. Also to be submitted is a copy of the passport as proof of identity. Process The signed form with the requisite documents should reach the designated address within 15 days of the online appli cation. If the payment mode is demand draft, the PAN card is issued on realisation of the payment, and dispatched to the communication address mentioned by the applicant.

    It is a great way to save one's time and effort. Pan card allocated date can be checked from official website of UTI.

    How to Apply for PAN Card ? – Online Pan Application

    The processing agencies obtain the new PAN number online from the server of the income tax department after successful processing of the application documents. Some critics in India may call the handling, processing, and delivery of personal ID and financial documents by private contractors as a violation of privacy.

    After registration, the applicant receives a token number. One can continue with filling form.

    After successful eSign one can download and keep copy of the signed form for his reference. An acknowledgement receipt and form is also received through e-mail at registered email ID. Procedure to obtain PAN is same as applicable for Indian citizens. One for Indian citizens and the other for foreign citizens. When applying for a PAN card on-line, kindly select the form that is applicable to you.

    Those people who hold Indian citizenship, even if they are settled abroad should use the form applicable to Indian citizens. Whereas those who hold foreign citizenship, such as OCI holders, Persons of Indian Origin who have acquired foreign citizenship or foreigners who are not of Indian origin should all use Form 49AA.

    PAN Card Application Forms

    One of our readers Mr. What you need to get pan card on-line.

    Document that has your overseas address on it. The best document to use is your bank statement showing your overseas address.

    Form 49A, Form 49AA , PAN Correction / Reprint Form – Excel Utility

    Copy of passport. Photograph 4. Do that, and click Next. This looks complicated but is actually quite simple.

    Then under Choose AO Code, select your state and area of residence. Wait for a few seconds and you will see a full list of AO codes in the box below.

    Carefully scroll and look for the category that applies best to you. There are different categories for companies, non-salaried people, government servants, private sector employees, etc. Click Next.

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