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    A Suitable Boy. By Vikram Seth. ISBN: Introduction. In mid- century India, Mrs. Rupa Mehra is on a quest. Her youngest daughter Lata remains. A Suitable Boy - Vikram - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. Book A Suitable Boy: A Novel (Modern Classics) by Vikram Seth Vikram Seth's novel is, at its core, a love story: Lata and her mother, Mrs. Rupa Mehra, are both .

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    A great deal of effort is put forth on the part of a family to find a "suitable boy" for their unmarried daughters.

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    As Indian girls gain more independence like going out shopping in small groups of friends and attending university classes, there arises a conflict between many girls and their families over the idea of an arranged marriage. Arguably the central character of the novel, Lata Mehra, questions how a woman could marry and live with a man she could not love because she knew nothing about him.

    The novel begins with the arranged marriage of Lata's sister Savita to Pran Kapoor,a young man who is a professor in Brahmpur University and from a prominent family.

    He is, therefore, a "suitable boy. Although the novel is not political in nature, there is enough of the conflict between Hindu and Muslim to explain certain prejudices, and it is into one of those prejudices that Lata rushes headlong as she meets and eventually falls in love with Kabir Durrani, a Muslim and son of a prominent mathematician at the University.

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    To further complicate the plot, Maan Kapoor, Pran's younger brother, becomes infatuated with the notorious Muslim courtesan, Saeeda Bai. He was sent away to boarding school at the age of six and suffered from desperate shyness. The school was too far to visit, it took two days to get there from home, and I only saw my family for four months a year. In he went back to Doon to give the Founder's Day Speech. Sometimes at lights out I wished I would never wake up," he told a startled audience.

    Although unhappy he succeeded academically. A school report from , when he was 13 calls him "super excellent" and records that his friends dubbed him "genius". After O levels, he won a scholarship to Tonbridge School in Kent, from where, despite taking only one A level, he won another scholarship, to Oxford.

    He read PPE, but mostly he read what he wanted. I didn't attend tutorials, went to perhaps 15 lectures in my three years, read a lot, went for walks, thought a lot.

    By now he had also started writing poetry in English more seriously. There were two poets there, and the one nearest the door was Timothy Steele, who writes with rhyme and metre. If the other fellow had been closer, I'd probably have turned out a poet of free verse. He was looking for guidance, and Steele - whom Michael Schmidt describes as "a very fine formal poet," - and Donald Davie - the English poet and critic, also at Stanford at the time - guided him towards the formal rhyme and metre that has characterised his poetry since.

    Unabashed, though, he published these "first fruits of my self-determined genius" himself, touting them around bookshops and forcing them on friends and anyone else he could think of, including Philip Larkin, to whom he sent a typescript of this first collection. It kept me going for five years. The freedom, the sense of ease in the personalities. I learned how to have fun.

    In A Suitable Boy, he writes how his alter ego Amit rebuffs "all the efforts of his female admirers or their mothers to get to know him better. He had remained faithful to Jane Austen. He appeared to be content to lead a life of contemplation. In The Golden Gate, too, there is a bisexual character who is generally believed to be another loose self-portrait.

    Certainly, in California, Seth found a freedom he had not known before, and which he enjoyed, though while there are some happy love poems in his early work, there are more recording rejection and misery. By this point Seth was disenchanted with his academic studies, but without any other obvious path to take in life he took off for two years to study economics in China.

    He seems to have spent most of this time reading Chinese poems, a skill he later used in praised translations. Towards the end of his stay, during an organised tourist trip to the north west, he managed to charm a Chinese policeman with a sentimental song from an old Indian film, with unexpected results. After the tour group had been entertained by a troupe of local musicians, the tourists were asked to contribute performances.

    Seth sang The Wanderer, the theme song from a s Indian film popular in China, and was cheered back to his seat. The next day his singing was the talk of the local police station and after a lengthy debate about the merits of various Indian film stars he managed to wangle a rare pass to Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, and decided to return to India by hitch-hiking overland through western China and Tibet to the Nepal border.

    Back in Delhi, his father suggested his journeys might make a book, and the resulting travelogue, From Heaven Lake, is a charming and easy read. Back in California and supposedly analysing the results of his Chinese research, he wandered into a second-hand bookshop and picked up a dog-eared copy of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, a novel written in sonnets.

    Writers can be notoriously cagey about their influences. Seth, though, is happy to admit he was "enraptured" by Eugene Onegin. It does not have a single Indian character in it and Seth has resisted being classified as an Indian writer.

    But in its humour and friendly satire The Golden Gate, as much as A Suitable Boy, owes a debt to Indian fiction in English, so much of which, like the Malgudi chronicles of Seth's great favourite, RK Narayan, is characterised by low comedy and the affectionate pricking of pomposity.

    Seth can be as funny in person as he is in writing. Like many Indians he can't resist a good pun. But this irreverence does not mean Seth is not serious about his writing.

    A Suitable Boy "gouged out" his thirties, he says, with pride rather than regret. The first section of A Suitable Boy, beginning with the wedding of the older sister of Lata, whose search for a husband is the heart of the book, was written quite quickly. But then Seth found himself blocked and, realising he did not know enough about India in the s, concentrated on research for a year. He buried himself in piles of old newspapers, records of legislative debates, gazetteers and memoirs, spent weeks in a village in rural Uttar Pradesh and with leather workers in Agra, and talked to "musicians, judges, owners of parrots".

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