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    by Jenna Black. ·. ··6, Ratings. From the acclaimed author of the Morgan Kingsley, Exorcist books comes the gripping first novel in a new series. Get Free Read & Download Files Shadowspell Faeriewalker 2 Jenna Black PDF. SHADOWSPELL FAERIEWALKER 2 JENNA BLACK. Download: Shadowspell. Shadowspell book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On top of spending most of her time in a bunker-like safe house and ha.

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    Shadowspell Jenna Black Pdf

    Glimmerglass. Faeriewalker (Series). Book 1. Jenna Black Author cover image of Shadowspell. Shadowspell. Faeriewalker (Series). Book 2. Jenna Black. download or read book online in pdf or epub. [Read Online] Shadowspell | Book by Jenna Black | Review, Discussion. Read Shadowspell (Faeriewalker, #2 ). shadowspell faeriewalker 2 jenna black. D18EE2AD1DAD7CD64C01A. 1 / 2. Page 2. shadowspell faeriewalker 2 jenna black.

    Then you definitely come to the right place to get the Shadowspell Faeriewalker 2 Black Jenna. You can read any ebook online with simple actions. But if you want to download it to your smartphone, you can download much of ebooks now. I have a love-hate relationship with Jenna Black's books. I've read the entirety of her Morgan Kingsley series and I was left feeling frustrated and angry. I chose to give her a second chance though, and I started reading this teen series of hers. Shadowspell Faeriewalker 2 18 read online free by Shadowspell Faeriewalker 2 18 Jenna Black. Finn made me hang back before we turned the final corner, but then I heard him greet Lachlan and beckon to me. I hated that we had to go through all this crap just for me to make a stop at the grocery store. I tried to convince myself this was a temporary inconvenience, that eventually we would Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

    I must restrict the quantity of goodness I was being exposed to. It was late, and I'd promised myself to sleep early With some stray comments I saw, and with the epilogue, I suppose this would be the last book in the Faeriewalker series. It was late, and I'd promised myself to sleep early.

    That didn't work out. By the time I finished making myself calm down because of Shadowspell, and finished the book review on Goodreads, it was 1am-. The honoring invitation comes in the form of a self-centred, incredibly cruel and mean Prince - Prince Henry. Dana's dad makes it clear to her that they have no way out of it, and also tells her more about Henry, and his own time at court. Dana is repeatedly reassured of her safety, because she will be travelling as a dignified guest of the Queen herself, but of course, Dana doesn't believe the words.

    With a gun her father gave to her, and the magic she possesses, she unwillingly makes her way to Faerie with the entire circus. Keane, Kimber, and Ethan accompany her. Her mum, though, is left in Avalon - to her drinking devices. I thought that part was well-written: The alcohol addiction of Dana's mother was very relatable especially to the current-world-readers of this fictional novel, and Dana's frustration, anger , and sorrow at her mother's self-destructive behavior were all pictured realistically.

    Even during their journey, Keane insists on practising with Dana. It was as entertaining as previous sessions of practice, though I would have preferred if Kimber wasn't there to drool over Keane okay, fine, I'm jealous of a fictional character because I have a crush on a fictional character-I know, I know! Ethan takes down Keane's shield spell, and Dana kicks Keane in the groin at that moment.

    That had been an emotionally-charged scene, at least it seemed to me, because of Keane's lingering attachment or crush as I saw it on Dana. On their way to the Palace, the whole group is attacked by a bunch of Unseelie creatures. In the turmoil that ensues, Dana is carried away from the group where there are a bunch of Knights and all to protect her, or at least, the Prince by her horse. And because even a child would be able to tell you that Faerie horses, or animals, would not run off in a panic, to the heart of danger, it's no surprise when it's revealed that Dana's horse had been charmed.

    However, she is saved by -who else? That part was a bit crazy, because the Erlking is crazy. I don't mean that in the literal sense or maybe I do , but because although both Dana and I a well-written novel always seems to make you feel like the protagonist plain as day know the guy for bad news, we ha-ha can't help but be completely attracted.

    It's like watching something terrible unfold - you cannot look away. And that's how it is with the Erlking. He's terrible, but yet he always comes through for Dana, and when he does, it's impossible to look away. Now I sound crazy. I liked how he moved away when he heard about the spell Dana had cast, though; it made me fear for Dana, and fearful of the man. Or rather, the immortal. I'd never seen anything like that before in any other Faerie books, and I thoroughly enjoyed the scene, even if it wasn't all that positive for Dana.

    It was also, in my mind, a brilliant way of introducing something new to the reader view spoiler [Elizabeth hide spoiler ]. Then from then on, things progress really quickly.

    Princess Elaine, Titania's granddaughter, is assassinated with a bomb - something only a Faeriewalker can do. Or at least someone in her aura. This reminds me greatly of view spoiler [ Storm Born hide spoiler ]. This new twist made my stomach coil and twist and turn. Jenna Black is one good writer. Wherein much things happen.

    What I do not get is why Kimber is so mad at Dana. Yes, she kept a bijillion secrets from her, yes, she did lie about certain things, like the geis. But she didn't do it to hurt her! If anything, she was trying to protect her. Maybe she was mad at Dana for not trusting her enough to tell her things, but didn't she get that Dana is an individual who warms slowly and is hesitant to trust?

    That doesn't make her any less than a friend - that just makes her who she is! Why is Kimber so quick to anger at Dana just because she didn't tell her the entire truth? Yeah, it might hurt, but I don't get why she had to run away and all. The part about view spoiler [Kimber and Keane hide spoiler ] did not please me. I suppose people will be quick to point out here how Dana seems to be a protagonist who lacks common sense, is too full of herself to not think of better ways, to think she can actually succeed, yada yada.

    And then view spoiler [Dana kills Henry. Maybe because of the magic and all; like things had a lost a bit of steam after Dana's ability was revealed. Following that, Dana makes another deal with the Devil.

    Arawn is just such a well-written character, in my humble opinion. He's manipulative, arrogant, proud, perhaps cruel, maybe malicious, but he can still charm the feet off you, or at least, make you hate him while loving him.

    He's so dangerous I'd shrivel into a puddle of water if I ever met him in life. There's so many facets to him. What follows is pretty tame; reunions with her mom who is still such a horrible disappointment!!! There wasn't any or much mention of Keane and Finn, though. Keane made an appearance toward the end, but it was a short one, and nothing more was said about him and Dana. Which really disappointed me. And also, Finn was hardly mentioned I was wishing for Dana to sprint and embrace him.

    I would have loved to see his reaction! Although the epilogue did a lot to wrap the series up, there's still this lingering feeling that there needs to be more; to account for things that haven't happened, to satisfy this hunger, you know?

    I'm hoping desperately that I am wrong, that the Faeriewalker series IS going to be continued. I am thoroughly, completely, truly looking forward to the next installment of the series. I have zero doubt it'd be one exciting ride on the roller-coaster not that I'd been on one, but you know.. Mar 20, booksryey 99 rated it really liked it. Dec 11, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: I say summoned because her father basically feels that they have no choice but to appear or else a full blown confrontation will occur.

    She has also kept it hidden from her father, and friends for fear that if anyone learned what she can do, she would be hunted down like an animal and killed.

    Upon arriving at court, Dana, Kimber, Nathan, and Keane are forced to run after someone tries to kill a court princess. Dana is blamed because she is a Faeriewalker and thus able to bring human technology like a bomb into Fairie. Forced to make a choice; run back to Avalon where she is relatively safe, or return and save her friends.

    Dana makes the only choice she believes she can make; she attempts to prove her innocence. Sirensong, by Jenna Black, ends the 3-book trilogy called Faeriewalker. The series takes place over the course of several weeks, rather than months, or even years.

    This isn't the worse series ever made and yes it has its moments of brevity that made me continue to read all three books and not abandon it. Well, not me personally, but you get my point. Get A Copy I enjoyed the interaction between Dana and the Erlking Arawn and his gamesmanship in getting people to do what he desires. At the risk of sounding trite, I was not pleased with the way that Dana gave in so easily to his bargain in Shadowspell in an attempt to get Ethan back.

    Then again, Dana is 16 years old and has been forced to make some difficult choices time and time again just by having an idiotic and useless mother who doesn't realize what her actions are doing to her own kid. You just got to live your life, and hope that eventually things work out for the best. Probably one of the reasons I enlisted in the military straight out of high school instead of going to college and remaining in a city where I knew I would have to live with the constant nightmares.

    Mar 02, Tonya Hardin rated it it was amazing. I thought it was good. There was romance, comedy, adventure, and real life situations. I think there could be another book on her future with everyone friends, family, and the erkling.

    I feel there could be something more between Dana and erkling that could affect her and Kimberly. I like the story line a lot but the ending is too sweet. Worth sharing with others. Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy When a queen invites you to court, even if that queen wants you dead, you go.

    At least she gets to take her boyfriend and best friend with her. But she also has to take her relentless fight instructor who might or might not be transferring his affections to another, her father, and the queen's haughty son. Almost without fail, I lose a bit of interest when books with fae end up crossing into Faerie.

    Shadowspell - PDF Free Download

    There are the obligatory forests, nasty critters, and not quite normal phenomenons, but I always find the scenes set there—regardless of the book—a bit ho-hum. Sad to say it, but I found that true here too. The action, romance, and emotions all kick up ten fold. In that sense, she took a step back from the strength and intelligence I admired in her previously.

    It is very clearly not written as the final book since many of the extremely compelling storylines threading through the previous books are left hanging. Is the Erlking secretly not as bad as he pretends? Will Ethan be able to accept the physical limitations imposed on his relationship with Dana?

    It is published by St. You can buy a copy online at Amazon. Description from Goodreads: On top of spending most of her time in a bunkerlike safe house and having her dates hijacked by a formidable Fae bodyguard, Faeriewalker Dana Hathaway is in for some more bad news: the Erlking and his pack of murderous minions known as the Wild Hunt have descended upon Avalon.

    With his homicidal appetite and immortal powers, the Erlking has long been the nightmare of the Fae realm. A fragile treaty with the Faerie Queen, sealed with a mysterious spell, is the one thing that keeps him from hunting unchecked in Avalon, the only place on Earth where humans and Fae live together. The Wild Hunt has come to Avalon. Dana Hathaway, already in hiding from the Queens of Faerie and any assassins they might send, is doing her best to stay as far away from the Wild Hunt as possible.

    Having witnessed their arrival in Avalon the last thing she wants is to meet this immortal Faerie.

    Even heavily guarded and kept hidden underground with only limited ventures into town, she manages to run into the Erlking, and on more than one occasion. Have the Queens of Faerie hired him to eliminate her as their biggest threat? She's got major trust issues Her mother is an alcoholic in denial. She has grown up taking care of her mother--paying the bills and making sure there is food in the house As much as she's mature in many ways, she is still immature in others where she lacks experience.

    But she is true to herself, and that you have to admire. If I had to pick a real flaw with Dana, it's that she sometimes doesn't take her predicaments all too seriously either. But I remind myself that she is a 16 year old thrust into some pretty scarey and intimidating situations, and in that light, I can understand her poor decisions sometimes.

    Dana's troubles did not end at the end of Glimmerglass His designs on Dana are conflicting There was something that would almost make you feel creepy about his intentions towards her The romance is turned up quite a bit in Shadowspell.

    We get to know Ethan a little bit better and we find out there is a lot to like. We're slowly getting through the layers of his playboy-image. However, Dana still has major trust issues where he is concerned. Because he betrayed her trust before, and she has obvious issues with trusting others in general, Dana is always wrestling with the feeling she's being played by Ethan versus her obvious and intense attraction to him.

    Ethan is in new territory himself. As much as he is perhaps more experienced in the intimacy department, the girls he has dated before did not affect him like Dana affects him They both have some growing up to do But the tension between them is palpable For instance, Shadowspell starts off with a bang in the romance department I have to admit that I hoped for a bit more Keane in this installment As much as I'm Team Ethan I can't fully commit to Keane until we get more of him.

    All the while, while Dana is trying to defend herself and those she loves against the bad guys, Dana is slowly getting used to the idea of having two REAL parents in her life, although because she has been used to making her own decisions, she doesn't take their authority very well. Granted, I don't think I could live secluded like they wish her to for her own safety And I was proud of Dana with how she handled her mother's problem.

    Follow the Author

    Some of our favourites from Glimmerglass, Finn and Lachlan, are back too Unlikely allies and surprising twists kept this story interesting and moving at a good pace throughout. Some mature content would have me discourage younger teens from reading this We are still left wondering about some of the same things WHO can Dana really trust, and how is she even going to survive her situation without losing herself, or her life.

    I guess we'll see in Sirensong this summer! I can't wait!! View all 8 comments. Jun 22, Anne rated it it was ok Shelves: I usually don't mind when the main character in YA, especially does something stupid or juvenile. After all, if the characters never made any mistakes, then there probably wouldn't be much of a plot. It makes sense if they are tricked by someone older or more clever than they are into doing something that goes against their best interest.

    However, the heroine of this series, Dana, seems to border on retard 2. However, the heroine of this series, Dana, seems to border on retarded when it comes to having any sort of self-preservation. I mean, even the most vapid teenager would understand that if the scariest killer in the world was out to get you, it wouldn't be worth it to ditch your bodyguard and head out to your BFF's birthday party.

    Am I wrong? The fact that the entire plot revolves around her being an idiot, doesn't make me a happy reader. There's also the deal she strikes with Erikling, which teeters on the edge of disturbing.

    He's an ass. He has zero to recommend him as a potential love interest, and yet I'm annoyed that I spent an afternoon reading this. Apr 07, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it it was ok Shelves: Sure, I was never a fairywalker as a teenager, but I like to think that if I were, I wouldn't have done anything so outrageously stupid as to make a deal with an immortal being involving giving up my virginity.

    I have an ancient fae father who can't possibly know what I'm going through. And then slut-shaming myself for it. My god, there is so much slut-shaming in this book. The girl who dances with Dana's love interest like she was on a stripper pole? Oh, my, I'm getting hot and heavy with the guy I find attractive, but I don't intend to sleep with him?

    Not cool. As far as my own morality goes, I don't feel sex is something to be shared rampantly, but neither should it be a source of shame and embarrassment, and god forbid I should hate myself for being a tease.

    Jun 03, Kinga rated it liked it. Well, let's face it. We have gorgeous handsome sexy alluring Fae. So what's the problem? The problem is a very naive prude main character. Her life wasn't easy and it can't be easy with all the pressure on her.

    But she still hates her father for protecting her. Still thinks she can do better than a few thousand years old fae when it comes to protection against a few thousand years old evil. Like Keane said, Dana is quite the drama queen. I understand her reaction about her mother, but my underst Well, let's face it.

    I understand her reaction about her mother, but my understanding stops there. And come on! I didn't expect to read a Jeanne d'Arc story so please. Why are authors nowadays trying so HARD to make me believe that their main character hates sex but only with her chosen one she doesn't? And while doing that, you make the guy a reputable Casanova.

    Some balance you have there. Jul 07, Shera Book Whispers rated it really liked it Shelves: Urban Fantasy YA Thoughts: The plot has the depth that most adult Urban Fantasy books have, which Genre: The plot has the depth that most adult Urban Fantasy books have, which I greatly appreciate.

    Lately too many YA books have been coming off too shallow for my tastes. Black makes sure that the reader understands that the Erlking is in the category of dangerous evil. The Erlking likes to hunt people and chop their heads off, and he wants full rein to do so on the human population. Speaking of yummy men, let us go back to our boys Ethan and Keane.

    The magic date rape and manipulations from the first book have not been forgotten. The progress with Keane is nice. He gets more page time then the last book, leading to a nice buildup of emotions between him and Dana. Slowly other sides of Keane are clicking in place, adding a bit of meat to our rebellious bad boy.

    This was definitely a good book for his character to grow and I still want more! My only complaint is that Dana controls her emotions around him and can say no. Dana handles things much better than adults—of course she still has her adolescent moments. Like sneaking out for a party with poor protection when assassins are lurking everywhere.

    Black hits the denial of alcohol on the nose. Bottom Line: This is a series for readers who are sick and tired of the YA angst fluff that seems to be coloring the genre. Prepare for a unique world and a worthy plot to go with it. Plus, you can indulge your fan girl side with all of the hotties available here. Sexual Content: Also contains a pretty graphic "almost" rape scene. For a YA book this is pretty mature. Really enjoyed it I read this book right after Glimmerglass which I gave 3 stars to.

    The more I think about this one the less I like it. Dana just irritated me even more in this book than in the previous one. Right in the beginning she agrees to go to a movie with Ethan, the brother of her friend Kimber who has constantly warned her about him being "a player". The book is in the first person and Dana refers to him as a hottie and as a player what seems like a dozen times throughout the book. By the 6th page of th I read this book right after Glimmerglass which I gave 3 stars to.

    By the 6th page of the movie sequence she is thinking, "I was so turned on it was a minor miracle I hadn't started tearing my clothes off in public. I really did want to like this book, but there is something about the writing that just didn't do it for me. Dana's father, who is an over year old Fey who for a couple of centuries was the consort of the Faery Queen Titania which IS very impressive , just comes across like a very important businessman and not much more.

    The really unrealistic one for me was the Erlking. He is more powerful than any Faery and has lived longer than anyone in existence. He is the leader of the Wild Hunt and cares only about one thing and that is hunting and killing both mortals and fey alike. He describes himself as a true predator and has no remorse or regard for life. He wants more than anything to use Dana's abilities as a Faerywalker to take him and his hunt into the mortal world on a killing spree - on many killing sprees.

    But what got to me is that he comes across as kind of a ruthless but strong leader with a bit of a sense of humor and some empathy for Dana and her situation. Granted it may all be a ploy, but he just is not convincing of being as evil as a villain with his history would be.

    It just didn't work at all for me. Beautiful cover on this book. View 1 comment. Feb 02, Winter. People who collect covers. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Where to begin First of all, the Faeriewalker book covers are amazing gorgeous, and eyecatching. I suppose this is a lesson on why you don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Whereas the cover is beautiful, the actual story is the exact opposite. The book starts off with the main character, Dana, in a movie theater with Ethan the faerie hottie. Ack, I hate that word.

    She keeps repeating how it is not a date, just a friendly hang out. Then why, Dana, are you letting Ethan grope you and feel you up? I was already annoyed with her by page 4. Seriously, stop telling me how you wish you could act and freakin' do it! Not only is she whiney and annoying, she's a slut.

    Why would Black ever think put something like that in a book? It sounds so unprofessional.

    Young Adult

    For a moment I thought I was reading a preteen fanfic. Does she really think that teenage girls have such little control over themselves?

    I guess that's why Dana was so petrified when she sold her virginity to the Elking. I'm not even going to bother typing a rant about how dumb that was. And she's always breathless! Everytime she has a close encounter with anything that has male parts she's breathless.

    I'm surprised she hasn't died from asphyxiation yet! Being 'unable' to move her hand from Keane's lap, rubbing up against the Elking, and the little theater fiasco with Ethan. If anything we should all be wondering how she's still a virgin to being with. Then there was this lovely opportunity to make the Elking promise not to kill her when they "seal the deal".

    What does she do? She blatantly refuses. Not that I have a problem with her dying, but that was just beyond stupid. Is it just me or does this seem to be like The Immortals series? Oh no the two main characters can't have sex! What else are we to do??? Hold hands while taking a refeshing walk around a park??? No, that's crazy talk! The only thing being a couple is good for is sex! The plot was pratically nonexistant. Most of the time you're reading about Dana's and her female accomplice's I can't even remember her name, how sad.

    The ending is Dana being a "realist" and accepting the fact that Ethan will ditch her over the no-sex situation, while admitting she's not so much the "realist" she claims to be. The end. In retrospect I can't understand what I loved about the first book, Glimmerglass. Though, as much as I hate this series mainly Dana I will be downloading the next book if for nothing else but the gorgeous cover. I guess I'm trapped under their spell after all.

    Feb 01, Paradoxical rated it it was ok Shelves: Just once I would like to have a heroine who isn't all "he is so hot, I wonder why he's into me ". In any case, if you ignore the first several pages of the book, Shadowspell actually gets off to a fairly decent beginning. Not to mention I thought that pseudo-date was fairly pointless all around and should have been cut. Still, the beginning of the book was somewhat promising, especially with the arrival o Sigh.

    Still, the beginning of the book was somewhat promising, especially with the arrival of the wild hunt. Let's get this straight.

    I adore books with the wild hunt kind of like how I'm a sucker for books with fae in it--now if only the author could make it at least somewhat decent, and I would be all over this series. My love for the subject matter in the book is actually what made me pick up the second book well, that and I decided to give the series another chance , especially since my review of the first book wasn't exactly glowing.

    In any case--moving on--Dana is not as bad as she was in the first book but only by a little bit. She's still pretty terrible. She's young and irritatingly boy centric. I swear, she thinks things like 'oh, is he jealous? Like the people who want you dead? It's grating how her world revolves so much around guys and what they think.

    I don't mind romance, hell, I like it in my books, but there's points where you have to go enough is enough. Stop thinking with your hormones so much and use your brain a little more, please. A lot of the messes she gets into are ones of her own making--if she just stopped and thought a little more, if she just used some common sense every once in a while, she wouldn't be having such harrowing adventures all the time which is good for the book, except for the fact that it makes the reader want to slap some sense into the main character.

    I do like Dana's father. He's surprisingly human well, in a way , and the man does try his best to at least meet his daughter partway.

    He does have his own agenda and all, but it's understandable and I think he cares more about Dana than what he can use her for. Dana's mother on the other hand Less said about her the better. Pretty much the same as the last book at staying at 2 stars. Dana is so dramatic that it rolls my eyes and even though the wild hunt appeared, it did not interest me nearly enough to get over my dislike at how the plot unfolded and the characters.

    Would I read the next book?

    Doubtful, but we'll see. Apr 10, J. Lee rated it did not like it. I was unpleasantly surprised with this book. Dana is still in the exact same place, doing the exact same things, with the same people as she was in the first book. There is the small edition of the Erlking which brings in the plot for this installment but the air of excitement was minimal.

    I appreciate the idea of the Erlking and the danger he presents as an antagonist but, for me, it just didn't flow as smoothly as I would've liked and it certainly wasn't as believable. What do I do? Oh, I know. I sneak out of the house at night with some boy to go to a birthday party.

    Then she makes a long list of huge, life altering mistakes. Now, this is YA book and there has been a lot of conflict between teens and their parents concerning the teenagers ability to make intelligent decisions. So, here we have a book that clearly defines this teenager as ignorant as she can get. Is this really a statement that needs to be made? It was also very hard for me to really implant myself into this world because of the redundancy. I do not enjoy being constantly reminded of the same minuscule details.

    Again, it wasn't a compelling edition to the series but the turn of events did keep me intrigued just enough to wonder what's going to happen to Dana. I only recommend this book to people who are interested in the series as a whole since I haven't lost faith in Black's abilities to redeem herself in the next installment.

    Jan 02, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: Jeg kan ret godt lide denne serie. Skrivestilen er ligetil og jeg blev hurtigt grebet af den. Virkelig meget. Jeg kunne virkelig godt lide ham. May 19, Mary BookHounds rated it really liked it Shelves: Shadowspell continues the story started in Glimmerglass and follows Dana as she gets deeper involved with the world of the fae. Her aunt Grace and both Queens want her dead while Ethan seems to be playing games with her.

    She now lives in a bunker like safe house deep inside the mountain where Finn is defending her full time and his son, Keane, is now giving her more lessons in self defense.

    Dana can only go out supervised by Finn and another body guard. The Erlking has now discovered Dana and wa Shadowspell continues the story started in Glimmerglass and follows Dana as she gets deeper involved with the world of the fae. The Erlking has now discovered Dana and wants her for his own, so he captures Ethan and makes him part of his Wild Hunt gang.

    I can't watch Lady Gaga's video Judas without thinking of this book. Of course, Dana is manipulated into a bad situation with the Erlking in order to return Ethan from his clutches, but in her headstrong way, Dana thinks she has all the angles of the deal figured out.

    She doesn't and finds out she might have possibly bargained away her life. I don't think the Erlking is truly evil since he is protected Dana and gives her excellent advice to help her protect herself and make better decisions. So now there is a love quadrangle? Now, I just can't wait for the next one in the series, Sirensong, where I hope that Dana develops her newly found powers.

    Aug 11, Anna 'Bookdownloader' rated it really liked it Shelves: The twist in this book was amazing!

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