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All books of Masud Rana Series - free download or read online. The series is made up of + stories, some of 2 or 3 volumes, making a total of + books published as. Masud Rana pdf, Masud Rana Series, Masud Rana All Books, Masud Rana Ebook, Masud Rana Novel.

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Masud Rana Series Book

Masud Rana Series. IdentifierMasudRanaSeries_ Identifier-arkark:/ /t8wb0d99v. Ocrlanguage not currently OCRable. Ppi Adim Atonko by Kazi Anowar Hossain (Masud Rana Series). Book Category: Masud Rana Series. - LimonCox. 'MASUD RANA' SERIES (by Qazi Anwar Hossain), Dhaka, Bangladesh. K likes. All Information can be found on.

Ian Fleming is long dead, but his creation, the debonair James Bond, Agent , keeps popping up in a new face. Bond's grip on the male psyche is tenacious. And why not? He zips to exotic locales and outwits vicious enemies while fingering cool gadgets and bedding impossibly hot women. But Bangladeshi teenagers are not entirely deprived of heroes with cachet like Bond. In cheap newsprint, for a fraction of the price of a ticket at Basundhara where they screen Casino Royale, Bangla readers can enter the world of our very own super spy. In flesh and blood a pukka Bangali, he scales mountains, harpoons criminals undersea, and brings to justice crime lords from Hong Kong to New York.

While the world is far from black and white to Masud Rana, he does tend to see it in stark terms of chaos and order, tradition and change. Rana has chosen to identify with order and tradition.

Major Rana is an excellent candidate for sensational and high risk intelligence, espionage, counter intelligence and covert operation assignments. Hobbies[ edit ] Masud Rana excels in solitary sports. He is an avid climber, diver, swimmer, and an excellent runner.

Major Rana does not race cars, but he does enjoy driving very expensive vehicles very fast. Major Rana has gambled at many casinos, although never to ruin. He drinks, but not to excess. He is also trained in special reconnaissance, sniping, evasive driving, freefalling, hostage rescue and negotiation, human-intelligence gathering and SERE [ disambiguation needed ] and numerous other military skills.

He proved adept at training other candidates, initiating athletic competitions, and fostering a creative environment.

He is an excellent trainer in guerrilla warfare, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, asymmetric warfare and covert reconnaissance. He proved himself an exceptionally skilled and disciplined student of BCI methods.

Masud Rana: Bondhu | Masud Rana Book

Rana is skilled with languages, and speaks fluently without accent in Arabic, Italian, French and German, and speaks, reads and writes a passable Greek, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Rana has a tendency to come across as arrogant and overly-confident in some situation. Rana appears as a loner. He works best in broad strokes when given general goals and the freedom to accomplish those goals in the manner he sees fit.

Major Rana has been a fine example of discipline and results-oriented action.

The name’s Rana, Masud Rana

Additionally, Rana often appeared visibly bored and restless during more mundane aspects of training. He obviously enjoys risks, enjoys calculating the odds of success, and playing those risks to the edge of failure.

Intelligence Service[ edit ] Major Rana's service with the BCI has been marked by moments of exemplary but risky bravado. While performing his duties with great zeal, Major Rana has often taken it upon himself to expand upon his orders, and, on more than one occasion, to violate them outright. He is also a advisor to the British Secret Intelligence Service. He has served undercover in Royal Navy on an assignment from MI6 to foil an anarchist plot, and in the mercenary Katanga Army to rescue a Rana Agency agent stranded inside rebel territory.

Rana is also a team leader of an Antiterrorism unit of UN. Masud Rana books at a glance[ edit ] Some Rana books are little more than direct translations from well known Western titles with only character names being changed i. But most of the books have changes that resonate with Bangladeshi readers, hence their popularity.

Rana had an edge over James Bond. Unlike Bond who seduced women in bikinis and skirts, Rana also disrobed women clad in sari, blouse, and chaya.

Bond's women were exotic, but they didn't exist in my universe. For that matter, neither were any real-life sari-clad women within my reach, but teenage fantasies can't quite be explained by logic. Soon came upheaval and such erotic visions had to take a back seat. I would be drawn to other kinds of books.

And for decades, I didn't give a second thought to Masud Rana's fate. I even missed that in , Dhaka released a Masud Rana film. After years in the U. One day on Mirpur Road, a lightning strike from the past jolts me.

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I come across a stack of Rana books. And I find that while many things have changed in Dhaka, Masud Rana remains in perfect health. Still fighting on. And while my hair's going grey, Rana has not aged a single year. I pick up a few recent titles. Our hero saves India and China from being annihilated by Mr. X and his syndicate who have hijacked two nuclear bombs. This one reads like a traditional James Bond novel. It includes a woman named Trishna who's Mr. X's mistress but turns against him.

Rana and Trishna inevitably fall in love, and the book ends with both of them in hospital. Beyond 'the end' there may be the promise of sex, but the lovemaking described in the book doesn't go beyond kisses. In the second, Bedouin Konya Rana , the story begins in London, then moves to Cyprus and an island off the coast of Israel.

Masud Rana series Masud Rana pdf free ebook download

Here the wicked adversary is the Mossad. The 'Rana girl' in this novel is Suraiya who falls for Rana and then mysteriously disappears, emerging later in an unexpected twist.

One time the two make love, but you get no juicy titbits. I wonder if the lack of raciness in the writing reflects a more conservative mindset in the author.

Of course I'm no longer fourteen, but I was ready to be taken back to that time. In these books, Rana somehow disappoints me. It's not so much that I miss him peeling off a beauty's sari, but despite forty years having gone by, Rana's world seems dated. I think that what dismays me is that while Rana still flits around the globe, his own country is falling to pieces.

Businessmen, politicians, and bureaucrats pile up empires of stolen wealth, godfathers terrorize villages and urban wards, yesterday's razakars sit in ministries, and Islamic terrorists set off bombs. I was eager to see Rana smoke out our own homegrown evil.

Perhaps like others, Rana had to bide his time under the previous governments. Who knows, maybe now with a different regime in power, Rana will spearhead missions that will uncover something hotter than pilfered relief tin sheets. That's my preference. Rana fans probably want him to take them to far-flung settings. The exotic has a strong hold on what we expect from our entertainment.

Download Masud Rana Series Books

But even so, there must be other readers like me who want to read of a tryst in a Dhaka hotel or a car chase through traffic jams between Karwan Bazaar and Uttara. Then I crack open Masud Rana No. The plot opens with Iti, the sister of a dead muktijoddha, meeting Rana in a secret rendezvous in a Shegun Bagicha restaurant.

She sneaks in wearing a burka. She tells Rana that the company she works for, run by a Maulana Keramatullah, is doing something shady. Keramatullah turns out to be a razakar who became a dacoit, made tons of money, and is now a respectable businessman. Under the cover of an Islamic political party, he's mobilizing the Khadem Bahini, an army of fanatics poised to restore Pakistan. He teams up with Khairul Kabir, a scientist living abroad who has designed an electromagnetic pulse weapon.

Masud Rana's job is to foil the plot and save Bangladesh. Masud rana pdf-Commando-Mission.

Masud-Rana pdf-volumeCrime-Boss. Masud-Rana pdf-volumeRed-Dragon. Masud-Rana pdfvolume-Beduin-Konya. Masud Rana pdf-sagor-songom.

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